Getting Started

Belconnen Bowling Club provides free coaching each Sunday morning. After a few weeks, new players are able to join the social bowlers who play on Sunday morning. Ladies have the option to join the friendly atmosphere for a game on Tuesday mornings.

The club has a wide range of bowls that may be borrowed by new bowlers. Prior to making any bowls’ purchase, a new bowler will need to test out a range of bowls to make decisions about the size and weight of bowls which best suits their hand size and strength. Other choices will relate to the shape and width of the arc that is different for each brand or style of bowl. Lastly, personal choice may be reflected in the colour or motif/logo selected if you purchase new bowls. Many bowlers choose to purchase second hand bowls which may be advertised at the club, or from a range of online sites.

Flat soled shoes, thongs or bare feet are required to ensure there is no damage to the greens caused by heels, grip or dimples generally found on the soles of shoes. Approved footwear may be purchased from the Bowls Warehouse in McCaughey St, Turner.