Aim of the Game

The object of the game is to score points by getting your bowl/s closer than your opponents bowl/s to a small white ball, known as the “jack”, which may be anywhere between 21 and 36 metres away.

Players from each team take turns to roll (deliver) their bowls down the green towards the jack. After all the bowls have been delivered (the conclusion of the end) it is determined who has the closest bowl/s. This is how points are scored.

A game may be played as first player to reach a pre-determined score, or the highest score after a set number of ends – the conditions of play are determined by the match organiser.

Bowls may also be played as a singles match or as a team with pairs, triples or fours.

Although the object of the game is quite simple, achieving this objective is what makes bowls such a fascinating and addictive game for so many – the tactics involved in the different types of matches, offensive and defensive strategies, team dynamics as well as correct execution of the required shots.

Bowls is simple to learn but will keep you hooked whilst you strive for mastery.